Tuesday, January 8, 2013

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SweetFace Cookie Boutique 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

So once again, it has been a while since I visited this little blog thing...it has been crazy busy around here which is just simply grand and I could not be more blessed!!  God is SO good!!

But today I am taking a quick minute from my crazy busy kitchen, and the 750 cookies [insert crazy laugh here and assume the fetal position while clutching a piping bag] that await me, to pay homage to one of the greatest blessings this world has ever known...the insanely talented and magical Theodor Seuss Geisel...other wise known as Dr. Seuss.  His magic has spread across the world with rhyming fanatics... 'villes filled with adorable Who's...Sneetches, with and without stars upon thars...green eggs in a box with a fox...and of course all the things that could be found on Mulberry Street.  That magic has fluttered its way into my home and been the cause of countless smiles and giggles as we have enjoyed not only the fun that comes from reading his words oozing and foozing with magic and madness...but the rolling laughter that often comes as the Chef tries to read those magical words to our son.  The memories that these moments hold are priceless...the words that were read by the Chef and I as children..now read to our children...and God willing, read to their children are indeed, magical.  Thank you Dr. Seuss, for sharing your magic with the world...and with my family.  Thank you for teaching us that we "will miss the best things if we keep our eyes shut".....to "think and wonder, wonder and think"....that "fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living"....and that we should not "cry because it is over, but smile because it happened."  This world  is indeed a better 'Ville because you were here.  Happy Birthday to you Dr. Seuss...there is absolutely "no one who is youer than you".

"Oh the places YOU will go...."

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Confessions...What Confessions????

Alright...so this blogging thing turned out a bit harder than I expected given my plans for world domination in cookies.  Seriously though, I have planned, and planned and (you guessed it) planned again to get on this thing and get posting...and confessing.  So, now that I have given you oodles of time to contemplate, wonder, and seriously sit on pins and needles on what the last two great confessions could be (honestly, 4 months is plenty of oodles, right??)..here it is..lumped together in one big heaping blog....the deepest darkest fourth and fifth confessions of SweetFace Cookies..............get ready........brace yourselves..............oh the intensity.............whatever could it be you wonder.................................

Confession #4 - I am a hoarder.  That's right....I hoard cookie cutters.  Now, sure, one might say it is good to have a rather large collection of cutters if you are going to own a cookie business....however (and I can SO here the Chef saying this)..does one REALLY need 12 bell cutters...2 bins full of Halloween cutters...4 teapots...shall I go on??  Let me answer that with a resounding and coated with flour YES..they do!! Do I have repeats of some of the same cutters, well sure...but each and every cutter given/purchased/inherited has some meaning to it, some story behind it, or just happen to come in a set (Thanks Wilton) that had THE one cutter I didn't have and Hobby Lobby doesn't take kindly to you opening their packages and removing the superfluous cutters! So yeah, you end up with 2 cupcakes that are the same and 3 Christmas tree cutters that you already had... but you now own a party hat cutter that doesn't have a pouf ball on the top and a Santa Face that has a rounded beard when Santa wants to go with a more sleek and modern look to the beard.  So is it wrong to have so many cutters that might be the same...or to have your laundry room overtaken by a snow white peg board wall of shimmering shaped tin??  Is an intervention required???  Probably not........yet.  But then again....there is no telling how many cutters I can find on one of those late nights of internet prowling while waiting for base coated cookies to dry, unable to turn the channel on the tv because my adorable and ever-so-sweet-for-trying-to-stay-up-with-me-on-late-nights Chef is "listening" to his show while gently snoring on the couch.

Confession #5 - (FINALLY, right??) I want a bakery.  I am not sure where or when it could happen...but I secretly dream of seeing my name all swirly and girly plastered across pink and white striped awnings.  I see myself greeting customers as they walk in with a cheery "hi" while the aromatic scent of homemade cookies, cupcakes, and (as soon as I learn to bake them without burning the edges) brownies and such fills the air and Michael Buble serenades us all in the background.  It's all there...down to the shade of pink that will be on the walls and the tiny bell that will ring on the door when each customer walks in!  I see it...I dream it.  So not much of a confession, huh??  Wow...a girl who bakes cookies for a living actually wants to open a bakery.  Oooohh..big story there. ;) Well, here is the confession part...I am terrified to do it.  I talk about it...I dream about it...my family talks about...my family dreams about it...then I talk about it some more...and then that snaggle-toothed troll named Fear pays a visit and my "Ballet Slipper" walls begin to fade a bit.  Not completely...but just a little.  In my heart I know that I could do this....I know that God has blessed me immeasurably and He has never, even in the most difficult moments of my life, given up on me or let me fall....plus He has blessed me with THE most amazing support system disguised as my family.  They believe in me so much...it is almost a bit scary...but so completely comforting at the same time.  Anyone ever been to that corner where Fear Avenue meets up with Failure Lane??  Okay...well my family is the posse behind me as I walk across that intersection on a late night stroll on Dream Drive.  In other words, they have my back..they've got me covered...they are my Home Slices.   So what in the world is stopping me you wonder??  Pure and simple F.E.A.R.  It just won't leave me alone.  I have thrown flour at it (which I know from experience that it is NOT pleasant when it gets in your eyes)...I have chased it with the rolling pin....I have even tried the silent treatment...nothing has worked.  But I know that one thing will eventually chase it away...or at least calm the storm in my heart that fear can produce...and that is pray.  And I am continuously praying it away.  When all else fails, prayer is the one thing that won't.

So I will continue to dream it...talk it...pray it...then pray some more and believe that God will continue to guide me in this winding, topsy turvy, roller coaster of a ride through cookie land...and maybe one day the wind will blow through my pink and white striped awning as I hear the jingle of the door bell and make my way to the front of the store to greet the sugar craving tummies after a "green" day at school! 

Blessingly, my little hands have been busy creating that I have not had time to post!  God has been so great..as always!!  And I am so excited to see how much bigger He is making things for me!!  It's sweetly insane..painstakingly exhausting at times...and SO much fun!! And you will be seeing much more of me and my blogness in the future!  So for now, while there is a small break in between Rudolph, Santa and Christmas Tree cookies...here are a few things that have kept me busy since my last post!

 Welcoming a sweet new blessing into the world!!

For a very, very serious Twilight fan!  A midnight showing isn't complete without sneaking in your own Twilight Cookies!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Confession #3 - Better late than never..right??

Okay...so it's been a while forever and a blue moon since the last confession and good golly am I sorry!!  I promise SweetFace Cookies is still alive and still rollin'!  I walked through the cloud of powdered sugar hovering in my kitchen and then had to scoop away the mound of flour that had accumulated on top of my pretty pink laptop before I could get back here!  Sounds crazy..right?? Well, that's how crazy blessed I have been lately with orders!!  God is SO good!!

So now that there is a small break (hahaha), and I have cleared away the white mist to reveal my apple green kitchen again, I am back to confess.  So here it is...I can't say no.  Okay, I can make my mouth move and the noise of the word "no" will come out...I just don't like to say it...especially when it comes to cookies. (I had to put in that last part because my son would quickly accuse me of not being honest...being 5 years old and highly engaged in just about everything, he has heard that word quite often!)  The word no is like vinegar when it comes to cookies...and I despise vinegar with a passion.  Yet, unfortunately this despise will often lead me back to confession #1...which can often get me in to a bit of hot water with the family.  Regardless of the amount of orders I have for a particular week, if a customer calls and has a cookie emergency I will do my derndest to get it done for them.  I HAVE too!!  It's in my blood...and I got a double dose of it from the parents...which, if I am being perfectly honest, actually worked out pretty great for me growing up.  Honestly....I have a huge desire to help others and I see my cookies as one small, sweet way to help.  But they are just cookies...not some million dollar - miracle cure - eat 10 of me and you will lose 20 pounds - and your house will stay clean for a year kind of help...right?? Of course not.  But events such as planning parties can sometimes be a very stressful ordeal.  I start planning my son's next birthday party in my head as I am searching for stuff for his upcoming birthday party...my hubby calls it OCD or that I am just plain NuTs...but perfect parties take some pretty obsessive planning.  And I know that when it comes down to the wire it is nice to know that the small details...like the party favors perhaps...are taken care of.  Which is where I come in with my superwoman apron....cookies are taken care of and there is one less thing for that party planning momma to worry about!  But it's not just about the parties...not by any means.  If you have visited my Facebook page lately I am sure you have seen the baby animals, the onesies and the baby feet crawling off the screen to celebrate the arrival or awaiting debut of yet another glorious baby blessing...or maybe the wedding cakes and margaritas to toast the new couple (who will one day need some of those baby feet cookies for themselves!)...not to mention the diplomas, the flowers, and the megaphones and pom-poms...I could go on and on!!  There is always something new and exciting to celebrate and I adore being a part of that!!  So...when I have to tell a customer that I just can't fit them in that week, you just have to know that it absolutely irks me to no end...I just feel so dern guilty!  And then my sweet, adorable hubby gets to practice his acting as he "actively" [insert sarcasm here] listens to me randomly repeat for the next day "I can't believe I had to turn them down!"  So, if you have ever been on my "I am just so sorry..." receiving end please know this....it just may have hurt me more than it hurt you when I had to turn your order away and I can almost guarantee if you had been next to me that you would have seen a sad, little dark Eeyore cloud settle over me.  Okay...maybe that was a tad dramatic...but you get my point.

So there it is, finally (again...with the sarcasm)...Confession #3 - my pure and utter disgust to say no to a cookie order.  So I guess honestly the confession should not be that I can't say no, but rather that I hate (eeks...sorry, that's a bad word in our house)...rather that I "E-hat" having to say no. ;)  Now don't get me wrong...as much as I don't like having to say no...I am SO immeasurably grateful for the full week that God blessed me with that made me have to spit out those bitter words of cookie misfortune for someone!  He IS so good..isn't he??  Here is a little taste of what He has had me busy with...

Have a sweet day folks!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Confession #2

I am a worry warrior and I wear my feelings on my piping bag.  Honestly...it is something I am trying to work on but man, oh, man does it get hard!!  One of the greatest, if not THE greatest part about getting to create cookies for others is the delight that comes when the cookies are received.  I swear...it's like Christmas Eve for me while waiting for cookies to be delivered and Christmas morning when they get there!!  I simply adore seeing and hearing about the smiles that my cookies bring...it makes all those wee work hours even more worth it!!  But often times it is hard for me to remember that not everyone is waiting by their door armed with a nail file, set of keys, or even handy dandy scissors (which are almost always missing in my house) ready to rip open that box to see the greatest cookies to ever grace a Silpat!!  Maybe a little over dramatic there...but it really is the greatest feeling to know that something you made brought smiles to someone somewhere.  But like I said, not everyone is sitting there waiting for their cookies to arrive...people actually do have a life outside of their cookie order!  And it gets so very hard to wait for that text..or email...or message saying that the cookies were fabulous.  And given my OCD (that the Chef swears I have) and immense need for perfection I know without a doubt that they couldn't be THAT bad.  I know that I would not send anything out of my kitchen that wasn't as close to perfect as I could get...but that overactive imagination that was such a blessing as a child (I am not kidding, I was THE greatest Princess Leia and Darth Vader had nothing on me)... has followed me into my 29+ years and I begin to imagine the worst of the worst in cookie catastrophes...that they didn't like my cookies...and I worry, and worry, and worry.  Then I move my worries onto The Chef and repeatedly ask him..."Are you sure the cookies looked okay??  Do you think they liked them??" every 30 minutes.  If he had a blog it would probably be all about Amy's cookie worries and woes.  But alas...that message always comes in some way letting me know that the cookies were a hit, my customer is happy, and sunshine was spread through a SweetFace cookie.  So my little feelings climb back down, jump back onto my piping bag and await the next episode of While the Cookies are Shipping starring me.

And have mercy...I just shipped out to Washington State and New York City.  It's going to be a loooong week! ;)

Here is what I will be worrying about...but super proud of!!
 Cookies for Ternessa who is graduating Valedictorian!!!
Cookies for a sweet couple with a new life together and a new home!!

And my apologies for the lateness of the confession...apologies followed with a resounding GO MAVS of course!!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Top 5 Cookie Confessions of SweetFace Cookies

Okay...so this blog is about cookies, confections...and confessions.  Oh confessions...not something that is always so easy to own up to...but so, so necessary for inner cookie peace.  So here we go...the deepest, darkest secrets of SweetFace Cookies.

Confession #1
I avoid clocks when creating.  Seriously.  Not to be confused with keeping track of time...now that I do.  I say I avoid clocks because the majority of my work happens between the hours of 10pm and 4am. After the clock strikes midnight it gets pretty pointless to look at the clock since you know you aren't going to sleep anytime soon.  Now don't get me wrong...I work during the day...pretty much constantly...but during the daylight hours I am a woman wearing many hats...wife, momma, cook, pretend laundry woman (thank heavens for the blessed wrinkle release feature on the dryer), snack maker, chauffeur, cell phone delivery girl, nanny...well, you get the idea!  It's the hooty owl hours that are the un-interrupted work hours.  Just me, my piping bag and the sound of the june bugs hitting the kitchen windows desperately seeking the only light on in the neighborhood.  It's not until the 2am showing of Cupcake Wars goes off and the 3am showing of Law and Order SVU comes on that I am even aware that it is now 3am and Cinderella's carriage has not only turned back into a pumpkin but is now being harvested for pumpkin pie!!  As I stare down at the cookies I am working on I realize that if I work just two more wee hours I could actually pour my hubby his very first cup of coffee before his school day starts!  So there it is...I stay up late.  My family gets on to me about it...quite often actually...but this is who I am and this is what I do....and as hard as it gets sometimes when I hear the faint snores of my guys during the night...I LOVE getting to create cookies!!  Whether it is 2pm or 2am...I am the cookie lady.

See you tomorrow for Confession #2!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Here we go!

I see the world in cookies and I want to share that!  This blog has been a work in progress for quite some time and as my husband will say..."it's about time!!"  So here we go...in to a new world of cookie confessions!!

Sweetest blessings ~ SweetFace