Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Confession #2

I am a worry warrior and I wear my feelings on my piping bag.  Honestly...it is something I am trying to work on but man, oh, man does it get hard!!  One of the greatest, if not THE greatest part about getting to create cookies for others is the delight that comes when the cookies are received.  I swear...it's like Christmas Eve for me while waiting for cookies to be delivered and Christmas morning when they get there!!  I simply adore seeing and hearing about the smiles that my cookies bring...it makes all those wee work hours even more worth it!!  But often times it is hard for me to remember that not everyone is waiting by their door armed with a nail file, set of keys, or even handy dandy scissors (which are almost always missing in my house) ready to rip open that box to see the greatest cookies to ever grace a Silpat!!  Maybe a little over dramatic there...but it really is the greatest feeling to know that something you made brought smiles to someone somewhere.  But like I said, not everyone is sitting there waiting for their cookies to arrive...people actually do have a life outside of their cookie order!  And it gets so very hard to wait for that text..or email...or message saying that the cookies were fabulous.  And given my OCD (that the Chef swears I have) and immense need for perfection I know without a doubt that they couldn't be THAT bad.  I know that I would not send anything out of my kitchen that wasn't as close to perfect as I could get...but that overactive imagination that was such a blessing as a child (I am not kidding, I was THE greatest Princess Leia and Darth Vader had nothing on me)... has followed me into my 29+ years and I begin to imagine the worst of the worst in cookie catastrophes...that they didn't like my cookies...and I worry, and worry, and worry.  Then I move my worries onto The Chef and repeatedly ask him..."Are you sure the cookies looked okay??  Do you think they liked them??" every 30 minutes.  If he had a blog it would probably be all about Amy's cookie worries and woes.  But alas...that message always comes in some way letting me know that the cookies were a hit, my customer is happy, and sunshine was spread through a SweetFace cookie.  So my little feelings climb back down, jump back onto my piping bag and await the next episode of While the Cookies are Shipping starring me.

And have mercy...I just shipped out to Washington State and New York City.  It's going to be a loooong week! ;)

Here is what I will be worrying about...but super proud of!!
 Cookies for Ternessa who is graduating Valedictorian!!!
Cookies for a sweet couple with a new life together and a new home!!

And my apologies for the lateness of the confession...apologies followed with a resounding GO MAVS of course!!!!!

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