Sunday, August 7, 2011

Confession #3 - Better late than never..right?? it's been a while forever and a blue moon since the last confession and good golly am I sorry!!  I promise SweetFace Cookies is still alive and still rollin'!  I walked through the cloud of powdered sugar hovering in my kitchen and then had to scoop away the mound of flour that had accumulated on top of my pretty pink laptop before I could get back here!  Sounds crazy..right?? Well, that's how crazy blessed I have been lately with orders!!  God is SO good!!

So now that there is a small break (hahaha), and I have cleared away the white mist to reveal my apple green kitchen again, I am back to confess.  So here it is...I can't say no.  Okay, I can make my mouth move and the noise of the word "no" will come out...I just don't like to say it...especially when it comes to cookies. (I had to put in that last part because my son would quickly accuse me of not being honest...being 5 years old and highly engaged in just about everything, he has heard that word quite often!)  The word no is like vinegar when it comes to cookies...and I despise vinegar with a passion.  Yet, unfortunately this despise will often lead me back to confession #1...which can often get me in to a bit of hot water with the family.  Regardless of the amount of orders I have for a particular week, if a customer calls and has a cookie emergency I will do my derndest to get it done for them.  I HAVE too!!  It's in my blood...and I got a double dose of it from the parents...which, if I am being perfectly honest, actually worked out pretty great for me growing up.  Honestly....I have a huge desire to help others and I see my cookies as one small, sweet way to help.  But they are just cookies...not some million dollar - miracle cure - eat 10 of me and you will lose 20 pounds - and your house will stay clean for a year kind of help...right?? Of course not.  But events such as planning parties can sometimes be a very stressful ordeal.  I start planning my son's next birthday party in my head as I am searching for stuff for his upcoming birthday hubby calls it OCD or that I am just plain NuTs...but perfect parties take some pretty obsessive planning.  And I know that when it comes down to the wire it is nice to know that the small the party favors perhaps...are taken care of.  Which is where I come in with my superwoman apron....cookies are taken care of and there is one less thing for that party planning momma to worry about!  But it's not just about the parties...not by any means.  If you have visited my Facebook page lately I am sure you have seen the baby animals, the onesies and the baby feet crawling off the screen to celebrate the arrival or awaiting debut of yet another glorious baby blessing...or maybe the wedding cakes and margaritas to toast the new couple (who will one day need some of those baby feet cookies for themselves!)...not to mention the diplomas, the flowers, and the megaphones and pom-poms...I could go on and on!!  There is always something new and exciting to celebrate and I adore being a part of that!!  So...when I have to tell a customer that I just can't fit them in that week, you just have to know that it absolutely irks me to no end...I just feel so dern guilty!  And then my sweet, adorable hubby gets to practice his acting as he "actively" [insert sarcasm here] listens to me randomly repeat for the next day "I can't believe I had to turn them down!"  So, if you have ever been on my "I am just so sorry..." receiving end please know just may have hurt me more than it hurt you when I had to turn your order away and I can almost guarantee if you had been next to me that you would have seen a sad, little dark Eeyore cloud settle over me.  Okay...maybe that was a tad dramatic...but you get my point.

So there it is, finally (again...with the sarcasm)...Confession #3 - my pure and utter disgust to say no to a cookie order.  So I guess honestly the confession should not be that I can't say no, but rather that I hate (eeks...sorry, that's a bad word in our house)...rather that I "E-hat" having to say no. ;)  Now don't get me much as I don't like having to say no...I am SO immeasurably grateful for the full week that God blessed me with that made me have to spit out those bitter words of cookie misfortune for someone!  He IS so good..isn't he??  Here is a little taste of what He has had me busy with...

Have a sweet day folks!!

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  1. Your cookies looks perfect and tooo cute to be eaten! Pls upload video on how you make them... i wish to learn...