Saturday, December 10, 2011

Confessions...What Confessions???? this blogging thing turned out a bit harder than I expected given my plans for world domination in cookies.  Seriously though, I have planned, and planned and (you guessed it) planned again to get on this thing and get posting...and confessing.  So, now that I have given you oodles of time to contemplate, wonder, and seriously sit on pins and needles on what the last two great confessions could be (honestly, 4 months is plenty of oodles, right??) it is..lumped together in one big heaping blog....the deepest darkest fourth and fifth confessions of SweetFace Cookies..............get ready........brace yourselves..............oh the intensity.............whatever could it be you wonder.................................

Confession #4 - I am a hoarder.  That's right....I hoard cookie cutters.  Now, sure, one might say it is good to have a rather large collection of cutters if you are going to own a cookie business....however (and I can SO here the Chef saying this)..does one REALLY need 12 bell cutters...2 bins full of Halloween cutters...4 teapots...shall I go on??  Let me answer that with a resounding and coated with flour YES..they do!! Do I have repeats of some of the same cutters, well sure...but each and every cutter given/purchased/inherited has some meaning to it, some story behind it, or just happen to come in a set (Thanks Wilton) that had THE one cutter I didn't have and Hobby Lobby doesn't take kindly to you opening their packages and removing the superfluous cutters! So yeah, you end up with 2 cupcakes that are the same and 3 Christmas tree cutters that you already had... but you now own a party hat cutter that doesn't have a pouf ball on the top and a Santa Face that has a rounded beard when Santa wants to go with a more sleek and modern look to the beard.  So is it wrong to have so many cutters that might be the same...or to have your laundry room overtaken by a snow white peg board wall of shimmering shaped tin??  Is an intervention required???  Probably not........yet.  But then again....there is no telling how many cutters I can find on one of those late nights of internet prowling while waiting for base coated cookies to dry, unable to turn the channel on the tv because my adorable and ever-so-sweet-for-trying-to-stay-up-with-me-on-late-nights Chef is "listening" to his show while gently snoring on the couch.

Confession #5 - (FINALLY, right??) I want a bakery.  I am not sure where or when it could happen...but I secretly dream of seeing my name all swirly and girly plastered across pink and white striped awnings.  I see myself greeting customers as they walk in with a cheery "hi" while the aromatic scent of homemade cookies, cupcakes, and (as soon as I learn to bake them without burning the edges) brownies and such fills the air and Michael Buble serenades us all in the background.  It's all there...down to the shade of pink that will be on the walls and the tiny bell that will ring on the door when each customer walks in!  I see it...I dream it.  So not much of a confession, huh??  Wow...a girl who bakes cookies for a living actually wants to open a bakery.  Oooohh..big story there. ;) Well, here is the confession part...I am terrified to do it.  I talk about it...I dream about family talks family dreams about it...then I talk about it some more...and then that snaggle-toothed troll named Fear pays a visit and my "Ballet Slipper" walls begin to fade a bit.  Not completely...but just a little.  In my heart I know that I could do this....I know that God has blessed me immeasurably and He has never, even in the most difficult moments of my life, given up on me or let me He has blessed me with THE most amazing support system disguised as my family.  They believe in me so is almost a bit scary...but so completely comforting at the same time.  Anyone ever been to that corner where Fear Avenue meets up with Failure Lane??  Okay...well my family is the posse behind me as I walk across that intersection on a late night stroll on Dream Drive.  In other words, they have my back..they've got me covered...they are my Home Slices.   So what in the world is stopping me you wonder??  Pure and simple F.E.A.R.  It just won't leave me alone.  I have thrown flour at it (which I know from experience that it is NOT pleasant when it gets in your eyes)...I have chased it with the rolling pin....I have even tried the silent treatment...nothing has worked.  But I know that one thing will eventually chase it away...or at least calm the storm in my heart that fear can produce...and that is pray.  And I am continuously praying it away.  When all else fails, prayer is the one thing that won't.

So I will continue to dream it...pray it...then pray some more and believe that God will continue to guide me in this winding, topsy turvy, roller coaster of a ride through cookie land...and maybe one day the wind will blow through my pink and white striped awning as I hear the jingle of the door bell and make my way to the front of the store to greet the sugar craving tummies after a "green" day at school! 

Blessingly, my little hands have been busy creating that I have not had time to post!  God has been so always!!  And I am so excited to see how much bigger He is making things for me!!  It's sweetly insane..painstakingly exhausting at times...and SO much fun!! And you will be seeing much more of me and my blogness in the future!  So for now, while there is a small break in between Rudolph, Santa and Christmas Tree are a few things that have kept me busy since my last post!

 Welcoming a sweet new blessing into the world!!

For a very, very serious Twilight fan!  A midnight showing isn't complete without sneaking in your own Twilight Cookies!!