Getting to know me!

There are two versions to the story of how I began to see the world in cookies...the short one and the long one.  I am offering both, because I know that there are two kinds of readers..short ones and long ones.  Being that my incredible hubby is a short reader I included a short, summed up version of the long one.  Given that I am a long reader and like to know all the details there are to a story, I provided my overly practiced long windedness and gave the WHOLE story as well.

So, short story, my name is Amy and I see the world in cookies.  I have been SweetFace for about 4 years now....after finding a passion and a talent that I never knew I had!   I am blessed to be the wife of an incredible man and the momma of two precious boys.  My family is my life and cookies my legacy.

Now, for those with some time to spare, the long story...
I am a self taught fact I got married and was pretty limited on experience in the kitchen.  I had a momma who adored, or should be nominated for an Oscar for her acting, to cook my every meal and fix my every snack when I was growing up.  I did, however, adore watching her cook and bake...she had a wedding cake business and I was mesmerized by her every time she picked up a pastry bag.  Then I married a great man who loved to cook and who had the patience (more likely pretended to have the patience...might need two of those Oscar nominations) and the stomach to let me learn in the kitchen.

This whole big sweet cookie mess started 4 years ago when my husband and I decided to make cookies for our church.  We made over 200 sheriff badge cookies for our church's vacation bible school.  My husband was so impressed with our ability to work together in a tiny kitchen (think wingspan of parakeet) without physically hurting one another that he began the talks of opening up a chocolate/coffee/bakery store one day.  Super fun, right?!?  Being the type that is overly enthusiastic about anything to do with chocolate, coffee, baking, and any dream my hubby may have, I set out on a mission to make that dream possible.  I started coming up with names..I settled on "Bean Crazy"  like Bein' Crazy + coffee beans + chocolate comes from cocao get the idea.  And I began experimenting with chocolate and coffee beans, and went on a search to find my husband "stuff" that would make this dream possible.  On the ever-so-addictive site EBay, I came across a fabulous deal for 100+ recipes along with 100+ cookie cutters!!  I was so ecstatic!!  I placed my bid (multiple times, I might add) and won it...or as my husband says..paid the most for it.  Regardless, I got that baby for my husband as a Christmas present and boy-oh-boy was I excited!!  And he was touched at the thought of the gift but was not quite sold on the whole cookie part of the business, in fact I do not think he has really even touched those cutters since opening them that Christmas morning (except to wash them for me after I have cookied for 24 hours straight because he is seriously a piece of greatness that God made)...but I felt it.  Sitting on the counter top watching my momma make wedding cakes for the finest of Cinderella brides while growing up, I knew the work that was ahead, but I knew we had stumbled on to something that was going to be fabulous. 

Then something funny happened.  Someone actually remembered the sad little sheriff badge cookies we made for the church and asked if I would be willing to make some crown cookies for their daughters 1st birthday.  I took a deep breath, after the initial "Seriously??" moment wore off and set out to make the most fabulous crown cookies to ever grace a Silpat.  And they actually turned out cute...enough.  But I remember the look on their faces when I delivered the cookies to them and it was priceless...and it felt really good to be the one to bring those smiles to them.  So I started making cakes and cookies for the church preschool I worked at .  These sweet people were my dear friends, I knew they would not mind to be my guinea pigs.

By this time we had moved to a new place with an even tinier kitchen.  Seriously...due to my husband's enormous love of espresso and his monstrous Starbucks Espresso Maker, I had exactly 2 feet of counter space to work on.  But the fun had begun!!  I was desperate to find the perfect cookie recipe.  So that was what I was on a mission for...the soft, sweet, buttery goodness of a cookie.  So I began to experiment..and experiment..and experiment.  And finally, after 2 years in the making, countless pounds of flour and amounts of butter to even shock the great Paula Deen, I created the best sugar-butter-cream cookie recipe.  In the midst of creating floured utopia, I also began perfecting my Royal Icing...and for those that have worked with know that it alone can be it's own nightmare! 

While working through all of the recipe stuff, I continued to bake for friends and family and also moved into my new kitchen that literally quadrupled my counter space!!  (Thanks babe!!)  In my new kitchen :), I made valentine cookie bouquets for my nephew's to give to their teachers.  At the time we thought they were the cutest things...looking back now I should have told people that my nephews made them...but everything has a learning curve..right?!  But a sweet lady named Brittany saw one of those "BEE MINE" cookie bouquets and called me to place an order for some bees and beehives for her son's birthday.  Again, after the initial "Seriously??" moment, and quite a few squeals from my family, I set out once again to make the best bee cookies ever.  Fast forward 3 years, filled with trials and triumphs from my now highly-broken in oven that has produced for me dozens of a dozen cookies for a new bouncing babies, 160 teeny tiny cookies for a teeny tiny birthday party, and 400 cookies for a beautifully blessed wedding and here we are!!

SweetFace Cookies is a dream in progress and I am thankful each day that God has blessed me with a way to spread a little sunshine with a rolling pin...and for a husband, a son, and a family that keeps it rolling.  Thank you for stopping by my blog!  sit back, stay a while, and have a cookie today!!
Sweetest Blessings,